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Transforming the World through Food  & Science


•We provide a  platform that brings food industry professionals of African origin and non-African Allies together.

•Develop professional relationships  with like minded  food industry organizations, professionals and or scholars.

•Encourage cooperation and partnerships in solving food industry challenges, 

Discover and nurturing synergies in innovating & creating food products.

•Find business and professional mentors.

• Help you expand your  skillset. 

•Help you grow your business

•Sharpen business and technical skills

•Create opportunities through referral marketing

•Promote visibility and profiles of SMEs ,Start-Ups and Social Enterprises of all sizes


Join our community and receive updates on what we are  working on at FSA along with industry news from our community


Talk about your ideas with others, find academic /educational material,  internship programs and business allies within our community. Submit your academic abstracts, or business articles for publication on this site and  business events  (virtual or in-person) you are hosting so other like-minded folks can attend!


Share your skill or education  profile, businesses and entrepreneurial ventures with the community.  Let the world know you exist.

Advertise with us!


Be empowered to  use your knowledge & skills to transform the world through food & science 

Transforming the World Trough Food & Science

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