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  • Nominate a scholar, or professional or business in the food industry making a difference in their local or global communities through research, product launches, system/process renovations!

  • Nominate a non-food industry professional working with the food industry to make a difference for Africa: investors, sponsors, philanthropists.

  • Nominees must be of African Origin (up to 3 generations), or based in Africa, or investing in the African Food industry.

  • Please avoid sharing information or details under legally binding confidentiality agreements for organizations nominees work for.

  • We will accept recognitions or awards received within the nominee's organizations.

  • Yes, you can nominate yourself. We want to celebrate you and your achievements in progressing the food industry!

With your nomination please provide the following

  1. Name of nominee.

  2. FSA Award you are nominating them for (see list below)

  3. Nominee's country of residence (provide Sate/City).

  4. Contact of nominee (email / phone number).

  5. Professional title or area of expertise or university major (if student) or business category.

  6. Their contribution to the Food industry, why they should win an FSA award (150 words).

Industry Leadership
Food Safety
Technical Pioneer
Community Champion
Marketing & Branding
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